I love to have successful clients- they change their lifestyle and end up healthier and happier!

Here are some of my past clients’ testimonials:

I am a senior who has been training with Nicole following treatment for breast cancer. The experience has been incredibly valuable and fun as well! Although I have been doing aerobics, weights and yoga for years, I had reached a plateau where I was not seeing any improvement in strength or endurance. Working with a personable, supportive trainer encouraged me to push harder and I was surprised at how quickly my overall fitness improved in such a short time. Nicole varied the workouts so they never became routine and she was my most enthusiastic supporter. I believe almost everyone would benefit from sessions with Nicole – I sure did! I highly recommend her as a personal trainer.


My back pain had become such an issue that even walking was painful. Golf—once a passion of mine—was completely out of the question. On top of that, inactivity and poor eating habits had burdened me with about 50 pounds of excess weight.

When I finally decided to do something about it and started working with Nicole, I quickly discovered that I didn’t just have her time and support during our two weekly workout sessions. It was obvious that Nicole invested hours of her time away from the gym, researching exercises and planning my workouts so they would address my weak points and help drive me towards my goals.

She varied my routine with new exercises at every stage, strengthening my core and the muscles and movements associated with a golf swing. She sent me interesting and motivating articles about nutrition and lifestyle, along with her praise and genuine happiness at every milestone I achieved.

After eight weeks of work with Nicole, I lost 40 pounds. I’ve since lost 15 extra pounds (5 pounds over my most ambitious target) because proper nutrition and exercise have become a lifestyle for me, just as Nicole had drilled into my head from our very first session together.

Not only can I swing a club again, but I can actually run!   

I got those results because I was motivated to change and work my ass off. But Nicole was with me every step of the way, helping manage my back pain through careful workout plans, and delighting in every improvement—no matter how small—along the way.

In summary, Nicole is a true professional who understands exercise physiology and safe and proper technique. Just as importantly, she is a very kind person who genuinely cares about her clients, and gives them her very best at all times.

If you have fitness and lifestyle goals for yourself, you couldn’t do any better than getting Nicole in your corner.

-Mark B.

I recently joined Genesis where I was delighted to discover Nicole teaching fitness classes. Finding a good fitness instructor was very important to me and I feel so fortunate to have found her.  I was prepared to move through a number or gyms if necessary but now I don’t have to. She has impeccable technique, knows just how far to push to and includes a wide variety of exercises in each workout for a great overall workout every time. I am impressed with her knowledge and appreciate her mild yet encouraging manner.  I am excited about getting my summer body! Thank you Nicole!

-Sonja H

Nicole has encouraged me into getting into a level of fitness that I have not enjoyed in my 58 years. She is professional, well informed and creative. You can count on her to get you where you want to be!

-Jill O.

My experience with Nicole has been very rewarding. She is very encouraging and professional. I have felt very confident with her training and would highly recommend her to others.

-Sara S.

I am a busy mother of four young children and have to use my time efficiently. Nicole’s amazing fitness classes allow me to get an energy packed body workout in just one hour leaving me invigorated and stronger to face the day ahead. Her core classes work muscles I didn’t know existed and have helped me tremendously in everyday activities such as lifting, bending and carrying my children around. Her cardio bootcamp classes are fun and interesting and I’ve notice the increased tone in my arms and legs since taking them. Nicole excels at motivating individuals with the latest exercises and moving from one exercise immediately to the next, not wasting time and squeezing the most out of our busy schedules. From head to toe, Nicole’s classes are the way to go!

-Sue C

Nicole has been instrumental in helping me achieve my weight loss and fitness goals.  She shows a sincere interest in my success, from helping me set realistic goals, to providing nutrition tips, to pushing me hard during all of my workouts.  Even on days where I’m not feeling my best, Nicole modifies my workouts to fit my energy level, but ensures I still achieve results after each workout.  In six months, I’ve lost 22 pounds (29lbs as of March) under Nicole’s wing, and have reduced my body fat percentage by 6 percent.  I would recommend her as a personal trainer to anyone who wants a supportive, friendly, flexible, highly knowledgeable fitness expert to help them achieve their weight and/or fitness goals.

-Sandra R